NOT Wear to Your Beach Wedding

NOT Wear to Your Beach Wedding

Alright, this is the issue, women: Do you need to wear your wedding dress or do you need it to wear you (out)?  A week ago, I saw an away from of a dress wearing a lady of the hour. Tina and Tony (not their genuine names) arranged a Maui sea shore wedding with a couple of relatives and companions. Generally speaking, it was a wonderful wedding, yet there were a couple of issues Maui weddings


1) Tina was late to her wedding.

2) She experienced issues modeling for the unconstrained, fun loving sea shore pictures.

3) She was hot and awkward.

4) She was extremely late to her gathering.

The above issues were completely brought about by “The Dress,” which was an altered form of what Princess Diana wore to her doomed wedding. Diana’s dress worked on the grounds that her wedding was in an enormous church and she had a limo and a zillion orderlies.

Tina’s “Dress” didn’t work, since she had a sea shore wedding, no limo, and just one exhausted chaperon. Tina was late in light of the fact that The Dress was difficult to jump on and afterward, more awful, didn’t fit in the conservative vehicle wanted to take her to her wedding. She must be packed in with the seat right back and the dress stuffed up to the roof of the vehicle. The husband to be educated us that the way toward stuffing the lady and her dress into the vehicle took one half hour and three people. Accordingly, Tina was late, driving her visitors and wedding staff to pause, awkwardly, in the brilliant Maui sun.

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